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Rationale for General Education

With the educational goal of “technical expertise and humane care”, the School aims to cultivate professional and technical service talents with sound personality. In addition to professional course training, we emphasize the importance of liberal arts literacy in general education. In consideration of this, upon the establishment of the General Education Center on March 1, 1999, the School, targeting “holistic education”, promptly projected general education curriculum in order to cultivate professional talents with a humanistic spirit, and to render the School able to become a top-ranked university combining people's livelihood science and technology as well as community care, which laid stress on the importance of both “technical expertise” and “humane care” and intensively interacted with the society. In the 2014 academic year, the Humanistic and General Education College was set up, and the significant responsibility of General Education Center was converted into the development and planning of the whole School’s general education curriculum. The Center played a role balancing science and humanities under the framework of technical and vocational education. General education courses are as important as professional courses in terms of the current university students’ formative education. The core belief of general education curriculum is aiming at rendering students able to obtain a diverse knowledge, inspire a humanistic spirit, understand themselves, carry out social care, respect life, comprehend nature and integrate professional courses to offset each other. The Basic Literacy courses in General Education include literature, foreign languages, art, social science, natural science, information management, care and fulfillment, and interdisciplinary liberal arts literacy courses.